Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mail from CK & Stephanie

Dear Adam,

Well Done!!! I really salute your profesionalism in photography. You have made our big day a day to remember in many years to come. Even though we have seen only a few of our pics, these pictures have shown life in everyone of it. No words can describe the feelings of us, its a mixture of heart felt gratitude, appreciation and loving all the moments you have captured in those pics.

I am grateful that i have made the right choice of getting a personal professional photographer for that day and thank God that you can make it for that day. I trully apprciate your efforts, your professionalism and the way you captured the special moments.

I have always loved beautiful pictures and i have seen many beautiful actual day wedding photographs, but i never thought i will own it for our wedding..but you have made my dream come true!

I have seen our pics on your website (loving it!) , you can upload as much as you want to enrich your profile and we are proud to be on your website :)

Once again Thank you for the great pictures that you have taken and no doubt you really own the title of Art Director in Touch Group!

Warmest Regards,
CK & Stephanie

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